April 29, 2024
OpenAI faces privacy complaint

OpenAI Faces Privacy Complaint Over Chatbot Accuracy

A data rights protection advocacy group in Austria, Noyb, has launched a privacy complaint against OpenAI, alleging inaccuracies in its generative AI chatbot, ChatGPT.

Allegations of False Information

The privacy complaint, filed on April 29, claims that OpenAI failed to rectify false information provided by ChatGPT despite requests from a public figure. According to Noyb, the consistent provision of incorrect data could potentially violate EU privacy regulations.

OpenAI purportedly declined the public figure’s requests to correct or delete the inaccurate data, citing technical limitations. It also refused to disclose details about its training data and sources.

Legal Ramifications and Advocacy

Maartje de Graaf, a data protection lawyer at Noyb, emphasized the necessity for AI systems to produce accurate and transparent results in compliance with legal requirements.

Noyb has taken the complaint to the Austrian data protection authority, urging an investigation into OpenAI’s data processing practices and its ability to ensure the accuracy of personal data processed by its language models.

Challenges in Chatbot Compliance

De Graaf noted the difficulty companies face in ensuring compliance with EU law when processing data through chatbots like ChatGPT.

Noyb, also known as the European Center for Digital Rights, operates from Vienna and aims to support European General Data Protection Regulation laws through strategic legal action and media initiatives.

Past Incidents and Industry Response

This incident with OpenAI echoes previous concerns raised in Europe regarding the accuracy of chatbots. In 2023, Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot, rebranded as Copilot, was found to provide misleading information during political elections in Germany and Switzerland.

Similarly, Google’s Gemini AI chatbot faced criticism for generating inaccurate imagery. While not specifically in the EU, the incident prompted Google to issue an apology and commit to model updates.

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