May 24, 2024
OKX to Delist Privacy Tokens from Exchange in Early 2024
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OKX to Delist Privacy Tokens from Exchange in Early 2024

On December 29, 2023, OKX, a major cryptocurrency exchange, officially declared its decision to delist several leading privacy-focused cryptocurrencies, including Monero (XMR), in early 2024. The announcement outlined the removal of 11 trading pairs involving major privacy tokens such as Monero and Zcash (ZEC), as well as partly private coins like Dash (DASH) and Horizen (ZEN), scheduled to take effect on January 5, 2024.

The move was explained as a measure to “maintain a robust spot trading environment,” with OKX emphasizing its continuous monitoring of the performance of all listed trading pairs and regular reviews of their listing qualifications. The exchange stated that the decision was influenced by user feedback and aligned with the guidelines for OKX token delisting or hiding.

OKX, recognized as one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, reportedly handles at least $3 billion in crypto transactions daily, according to data from CoinGecko. As of the current date, OKX boasts a total of 482 trading pairs, with specific details revealing four trading pairs involving Monero, four involving Dash, three involving Zcash, and four involving Horizen.

This announcement adds to the ongoing developments in the cryptocurrency space, where exchanges navigate regulatory landscapes and user preferences. OKX’s strategic move to delist certain privacy-focused cryptocurrencies reflects the exchange’s commitment to maintaining a secure and compliant trading environment while responding to user input.

The decision impacts a significant portion of the exchange’s trading pairs, underlining the dynamic nature of the crypto industry and its continuous adaptation to market conditions and regulatory considerations.

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