July 21, 2024
OK Group Retires 'Okcoin' in Favor of Global Transition to 'OKX'
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OK Group Retires ‘Okcoin’ in Favor of Global Transition to ‘OKX’

OK Group, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange operator, is undergoing a significant transformation by consolidating its crypto ventures under the unified brand name “OKX.”

In an announcement made by Hong Fang, the Chief Operating Officer at OK Group and President of OKX, the decision was shared that Okcoin, established in 2013, will be rebranded to OKX in the coming months, aligning its name with another crypto venture of OK Group, formerly known as OKEx.

“I’ve been part of Okcoin for five years. Over the years, we have put a lot of love and passion into our brand and product,” Fang expressed in a social media post. He went on to explain that the rebranding process, initially commencing in Singapore, will extend to Europe and the United States over the next few months. Importantly, customers can expect to receive the “same set of product services under the same regulatory framework” while interacting with the new brand.

Fang also highlighted that OK Group has recently phased out the “Okcoin” brand and product in several regions, including Latin America, the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, Hong Kong, and other areas. Furthermore, Fang emphasized the significance of the United States in the company’s global strategy, describing it as a special and vital market.

“Despite all the challenges, we remain committed to the U.S. as a visionary leader that upholds the standards of empowering individuals and protecting freedom with technology as it always has and defines our future as it should be.”

This development follows closely on the heels of OK Group’s rebranding of another segment of its business, previously known as OKEx. In December 2022, OKEx underwent a transition to “OKX” with the aim of expanding beyond being solely a centralized cryptocurrency exchange and embracing decentralized finance, nonfungible tokens, and Web3. OKEx was founded by OK Group CEO Star Xu in 2017.

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