March 27, 2024
Nvidia Expands AI Development In Vietnam

Nvidia Expands AI Development In Vietnam

Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, has revealed plans to expand the company’s partnership in Vietnam and potentially establish a base to attract local talent in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry. As a leading developer of AI chips, Nvidia expressed its intention to strengthen collaborations in Vietnam, a country where it is already a partner with millions of clients and has invested $250 million.

“Vietnam and Nvidia will deepen our relations, with Viettel, FPT, Vingroup, VNG being the partners Nvidia looks to expand partnership with.”

During a visit to Vietnam, Huang emphasized Nvidia’s commitment to supporting local AI training and infrastructure. The Vietnamese Minister of Planning and Investment, Nguyen Chi Dzung, underscored the country’s recent efforts to create incentives and schemes to attract investments in the AI and semiconductor sectors.

Furthermore, it was disclosed that Nvidia intends to establish a center in Vietnam, aiming to attract global talent to contribute to the development of the country’s semiconductor ecosystem and digitalization. This initiative aligns with Vietnam’s strategy to enhance its position in these technological industries.

The meeting between Nvidia and Vietnamese officials occurred a few months after a historic visit by U.S. President Joe Biden to Vietnam. During Biden’s visit, substantial business deals and partnerships, totaling billions of dollars, were completed between the two governments to advance AI, semiconductor, and cloud computing industries.

Key players in the AI development space, including Nvidia, Google, Intel, Boeing, Amkor, and Microsoft, were present at the meeting. Despite facing challenges from U.S. sanctions affecting foreign markets in the semiconductor chip business, Nvidia reported record-breaking revenue of $18 billion in the third quarter, with generative AI cited as a primary contributor to its success.

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