May 20, 2024
NFL Star Patrick Mahomes Doubles Down on Crypto with Azuki Collaboration

NFL Star Patrick Mahomes Doubles Down on Crypto with Azuki Collaboration

In the world of cryptocurrency, the two-time Super Bowl MVP, Patrick Mahomes, is boldly embracing commitment, unlike many other sports superstars who have hesitated to associate themselves with this increasingly controversial sector. Mahomes is not only venturing further into the crypto realm but is doing so in a unique way.

This week, Mahomes made a significant announcement about his collaboration with Azuki, a move that some in the NFT community have dubbed “Azuki-fied.” This essentially means that his likeness has been transformed into a limited-edition trading card by this anime-styled NFT brand.

This exclusive, one-of-a-kind card will be part of a series of NFTs released by Azuki in partnership with the Museum of Mahomes. The Museum of Mahomes, a new NFT platform initiated by the star quarterback, is set to launch an astonishing 15,000 NFTs in the upcoming month.

The timing of this collaboration is intriguing for both Mahomes and Azuki. Mahomes is currently experiencing an unparalleled level of mainstream success and popularity. Meanwhile, Azuki is attempting to recover from a tumultuous summer that severely damaged its credibility within the crypto community. Over the past two months, Azuki’s floor price has plummeted by more than 79%, as reported by CoinGecko.

Despite Azuki’s recent challenges, Mahomes remains committed to the partnership. This isn’t the first time the superstar athlete has ventured into the world of cryptocurrency. During the early NFT craze in 2021, he earned a substantial $3.7 million from his collection of digital collectables.

Mahomes has also previously endorsed crypto projects such as VirtualStax, an NFT trading card brand that made audacious revenue claims but faced accusations of fraud and misleading investors after failing to deliver any products.

In a landscape marked by the visible and peculiar collapse of FTX in November, which led to a flurry of lawsuits targeting celebrities and athletes who had promoted crypto exchanges and allegedly fraudulent crypto firms, Mahomes stands out. Celebrities like Tom Brady, Steph Curry, Shaq, and Larry David are currently embroiled in legal disputes linked to their crypto affiliations, leading many mega-celebrities to distance themselves from crypto-related projects.

However, Patrick Mahomes is bucking this trend. Despite the potential risks to his social and financial standing, the star athlete continues to dive deeper into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Whether this move is advisable or not, one cannot deny Mahomes’ unwavering determination and commitment to exploring the opportunities presented by the crypto space.


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