July 15, 2024
Eric Adams' comprehensive plan integrating AI in NYC's government operations, governance, & citizen services.

New York City’s Administration Proposes Comprehensive AI Strategy for Local Governance

The administration of Mayor Eric Adams in New York City has unveiled a comprehensive strategy for the implementation and oversight of artificial intelligence (AI) in local government operations, as well as its integration into various city applications. In a recent update on October 16, the administration announced that it is in the process of developing a structured framework for city agencies to prudently assess AI tools and their associated risks. This framework is also intended to enhance the proficiency of government employees in AI technologies and contribute to an improved quality of life for residents.

The plan encompasses a set of 37 pivotal actions, with 29 of them slated to either commence or conclude within the coming year. Key objectives of the initiative encompass the establishment of a robust governance framework for AI, the formation of an AI advisory network, equipping city officials with the requisite AI knowledge and skills, and the issuance of an annual report tracking progress in the field of AI.

Mayor Adams emphasized the potential for AI technology to enable more effective service delivery to citizens while acknowledging the need for a clear understanding of its associated risks. Alongside the announcement of the forthcoming AI framework, an update to the MyCity Business platform was introduced, featuring the inaugural deployment of New York City’s citywide AI chatbot. This chatbot is designed to assist users with inquiries related to commencing or operating a business.

Maria Torres-Springer, the city’s Deputy Mayor for Housing, Economic Development, and Workforce, praised the chatbot’s implementation as a significant step in enhancing the government’s accessibility to a broader audience, stating that through the creation of this straightforward, user-friendly tool, they are eliminating barriers to city resources that have the potential to positively impact small businesses throughout New York.

In a related context, the United States Central Intelligence Agency disclosed its intentions to construct and deploy an AI bot in the style of ChatGPT for investigative purposes. Gary Gensler, Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, also acknowledged the utilization of AI technologies within the SEC to monitor the financial sector for indications of fraud and manipulation.

The newly introduced AI chatbot has the capacity to retrieve information from over 2,000 web pages pertaining to NYC business matters. It can provide insights on code compliance, regulations, available business incentives, and best practices for avoiding violations and fines.

Image by pixabay

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