July 16, 2024
US President Biden Implements AI Safety Standards

New AI Safety Standards: Biden’s Executive Order Prioritizes Privacy and National Security

United States President Joe Biden signed an executive order on October 30 that introduces fresh guidelines for ensuring safety and security in artificial intelligence (AI).

Biden’s order builds upon prior initiatives, incorporating AI safety commitments from 15 prominent industry companies. The new standards encompass six key points, focusing on the ethical use of AI within the government, privacy protection for citizens, and strategies to safeguard consumer privacy.

The primary standard necessitates that developers of the most powerful AI systems share safety test results and crucial information with the government. Simultaneously, the National Institute of Standards and Technology will create standardized tools and tests to ensure the safety, security, and trustworthiness of AI.

Addressing potential risks, the order seeks to mitigate the use of AI for engineering dangerous biological materials through new biological synthesis screening standards. It also emphasizes the need for protections against AI-enabled fraud and deception, advocating for standards and best practices in detecting AI-generated content and authenticating official content.

Furthermore, the order plans to advance a cybersecurity program under the AI Cyber Challenge to identify and rectify vulnerabilities in critical software using AI tools. It also mandates the creation of a national security memorandum to guide further actions regarding AI security.

President Biden highlighted the importance of safeguarding Americans’ privacy, emphasizing the increased risk to privacy due to AI’s capacity to extract, identify, and exploit personal data.

The order urged Congress to pass bipartisan data privacy legislation and prioritize federal support for privacy techniques and technology development. Additionally, it emphasizes efforts to focus on equity, civil rights, and the responsible use of AI while monitoring its impact on the job market and other societal aspects.

The administration plans to engage in AI regulations globally, aligning with the recent voluntary AI code of conduct agreed upon by the G7 countries. It also aims to establish explicit standards within the government to ensure rights protection, improve AI procurement and deployment, and provide AI training for relevant employees.

Recent activities within the U.S. Senate include classified discussions at the White House and AI Insight Forums to gather insights from leading AI experts in the field.

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