April 19, 2024
NEAR Protocol's 'NEAR DA'
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Near Foundation Introduces Cost-Effective ‘NEAR DA’ Solution for Data Availability

The Near Foundation has entered the competitive pursuit to create a new category of data availability solutions, aiming to alleviate the Ethereum blockchain from the duty of storing and disseminating vast amounts of data.

This non-profit organization, dedicated to supporting the Near Protocol blockchain, has unveiled a new ‘NEAR DA,’ highlighting that the process of posting data on this network could be significantly more cost-effective, approximately 8,000 times cheaper than posting on Ethereum. NEAR DA, much like Celestia, a recently launched network that introduced a buzzy airdrop of new TIA tokens, seeks to offer an alternative platform capable of managing the data generated by a rapidly expanding network of auxiliary blockchains, including ‘layer-2 networks’ built on top of Ethereum. Avail, another competitor in this sphere, is currently conducting tests and plans to launch in early 2024.

In a statement released to the press, NEAR DA is depicted as immediately beneficial for Web3 founders exploring the adaptable landscape of blockchain development.

Among the early adopters of NEAR DA are Starknet’s Madara, Caldera, and Movement Labs. The announcement was made during the Near Foundation’s annual conference, Nearcon, held in Lisbon on Wednesday.

The press release also compared the costs, indicating that while it would cost around $26.22 for an optimistic rollup (a type of layer-2 network) to post 100 kilobytes of calldata on Ethereum, the same amount of data would cost only $0.0033 on the Near Protocol.

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