April 19, 2024
Mirror World Launches First Solana Gaming Rollup
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Mirror World Launches First Solana Gaming Rollup

Mirror World, a web3 application development platform, is set to debut the inaugural gaming rollup on Solana. The announcement on March 29 unveiled the Solana Virtual Machine (SVM) computation engine named “Sonic.”

It enables developers to deploy game engines or virtual machines on Solana via its software development kit (SDK) and facilitate in-app transactions. HyperGrid, the core technology of Sonic SVM developed by Mirror World, empowers gaming platforms to establish their own on-ramp and cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregators for Solana in-game interactions.

Market Impact and Deployment

The Mirror World SDK has already been integrated into 50 gaming clients as initial distribution nodes. Notably, three games, Mahjong Meta, Matr1x Fire, and Seraph/ActozSoft, boasting over $30 million raised in series rounds, witnessed over 200,000 traffic and transaction engagements during their gaming sessions post-incorporating the Mirror World SDK. According to Mirror World, “Sonic provides natively integrated tools for payment & settlement infrastructure, as well as user engagement tools necessary to build a successful Web3 game.”

CEO Insights and Product Offerings

Chris Zhu, CEO of Mirror World, highlighted the company’s collaboration with numerous games in the Web3 ecosystem to enhance monetization and listing. Zhu expressed Sonic’s vision to expand the existing Solana Gaming Ecosystem and process millions of requests per second per game, settling them back onto Solana L1. Mirror World’s Smart Marketplace SDK, another product, enables developers to deploy a nonfungible token marketplace within their decentralized application for $299 per month, with a monthly transaction volume limit of $1 million.

Mirror World’s Sonic launch event. Source: World Store (by Mirror World)

Solana’s Growth and Challenges

Solana has emerged as a top-five blockchain by market cap, experiencing an impressive gain of 824% over the past year. However, gaming activities on Solana have been slower to develop compared to Ethereum, with the most popular game, MomoAI, having only 80,680 unique active wallets. Nonetheless, Solana is making strides in other initiatives, evidenced by its record-breaking $5 billion in nonfungible token sales in February.

Mirror World’s launch of the first Solana gaming rollup marks a significant development in the blockchain gaming space. With Sonic empowering developers and gaming platforms on Solana, the ecosystem is poised for further growth and innovation. Despite challenges in gaming adoption, Solana’s success in nonfungible token sales underscores its potential as a leading blockchain platform for various applications beyond gaming.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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