July 21, 2024
Mirror World Discussses Solana Game Engine After $12M Raise
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Mirror World Discussses Solana Game Engine After $12M Raise

Solana, despite the growing popularity of blockchain technology, has a persistent “lack of infrastructure” for developers aiming to build games, according to Chris Zhu, CEO of Mirror World. In an interview, Zhu highlighted that essential DeFi features common on other blockchains, such as cross-chain swaps and on/off crypto ramps, remain inaccessible for Solana gaming developers.

Zhu explained, “For example, applications like games find it challenging to internalize value on a shared Solana layer not designed with just one application in mind.” He added, “Specific applications may require custom features such as Privacy, Instant settlements, Asset transfer rules, and compliance which were not supported.”

Mirror World Labs’ Initiative and Sonic Rollup

To address these challenges, Solana gaming studio Mirror World Labs recently raised $12 million in its inaugural Series A funding round, led by Bitkraft, Galaxy Interactive, Big Brain Holdings, and others. This funding aims to advance the development of its gaming rollup, Sonic, which launched in March.

Zhu noted that developers have so far responded positively to Sonic’s technical capabilities. He mentioned, “However, some of their feedback was to have the main token liquidity on Solana mainnet. Which is why we enabled atomic interoperability. Leveraging HyperGrid Framework (a rollup deployment kit that allows developers to deploy new game engines and virtual machines within the Solana environment), games can utilize atomic interoperability, which allows liquidity to remain on the mainnet while processing game logic on Sonic.”

Mirror World is targeting a controlled aggregated transaction settlement of 12,000,000 transactions per second on Sonic and HyperGrid, supporting various multiplayer real-time gaming transactions such as inventory purchases and quest drops. Zhu emphasized, “In order to achieve this, we also needed to work directly with Solana validators to prioritize and submit our transactions – which is where our investor Galaxy Interactive has been playing a big role, as the largest validator on Solana.”

Expanding Solana’s Gaming Ecosystem

Chris Zhu detailed Mirror World’s broader objectives, affirming, “As a layer-two blockchain, we are actively expanding all essential components to foster a thriving ecosystem. This encompasses not just gaming studios, but also infrastructure projects like NFT marketplaces, DEXes, staking protocols, and more. Moreover, we aim to establish ourselves as Solana’s premier gaming hub, providing comprehensive support to studios through go-to-market strategies, regional marketing, partnerships, KOL engagements, and other initiatives aimed at maximizing ecosystem growth.”

Currently, Sonic is the only software development kit (SDK) on Solana. Its nearest competitor, Eclipse, aims to build a Solana Virtual Machine layer-two on Ethereum, rather than a Solana-native SDK on its blockchain. Zhu also mentioned other competitors, “There is also Ronin (Web3 Games) and Redstone (FOCG), which is the leading gaming chain on top of Ethereum, but we aim to bring gaming assets and developers that want to build on Solana Virtual Machine.”

Mirror World developers have previously said that while Solana has thrived from the memecoin boom and decentralized application market growth, its gaming sector “has not seen similar levels of success.” They believe that the innovative Sonic protocol could assist other developers in deploying Solana Virtual Machine (SVM) chains to support their GameFi projects.

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

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