March 27, 2024
Microsoft Partners With Semafor for AI-Driven News Feed Signals

Microsoft Partners With Semafor for AI-Driven News Feed “Signals”

Microsoft has entered an artificial intelligence (AI) partnership with news startup Semafor, collaborating on a project called “Signals.” This initiative aims to develop a global, multi-source breaking news feed using tools from Microsoft and OpenAI. Signals, responding to shifts in the digital media landscape and AI’s influence, will provide breaking news and analysis, written by human journalists with AI serving as a research tool.

Financial details remain undisclosed, but the collaboration is described as “substantial” for Semafor. Microsoft is also expected to announce partnerships with other journalism organizations, such as the Craig Newmark School of Journalism, the Online News Association, and the GroundTruth Project.

This collaboration comes at a time when news organizations grapple with the increasing impact of AI, balancing its benefits and potential threats to the industry. Late last year, the New York Times filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Microsoft and OpenAI, alleging the unauthorized use of its content to develop AI products. The Times claimed the companies used its content without payment, creating products that substitute for and divert audiences from the newspaper.

OpenAI responded by expressing respect for the rights of content creators and owners, emphasizing its commitment to working with them to ensure mutual benefits from AI technology and new revenue models. The organization stated ongoing constructive conversations with The New York Times and expressed surprise and disappointment with the legal development. OpenAI expressed hope for finding a mutually beneficial way to collaborate, similar to its engagements with other publishers.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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