May 23, 2024
Microsoft Joins AWS, NVIDIA in $2.9B Japanese AI Investment

Microsoft Joins AWS, NVIDIA in $2.9B Japanese AI Investment

Microsoft’s latest move signals a significant investment in Japan’s AI infrastructure, reflecting the increasing interest from US-based tech giants in the country’s AI sector. With a pledge to inject $2.9 billion over the next two years, Microsoft aims to bolster its cloud computing and AI capabilities, catering to the growing demands of the Japanese market.

Rivalry Among Big Tech Firms

As Microsoft makes strides in Japan, it faces competition from other major players like Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS plans to outpace Microsoft’s investment, with a projected expenditure of nearly $18 billion by 2027 to enhance its data center operations in Japan. Additionally, AWS has initiated programs like the Large Language Model (LLM) Development Support Program, offering up to $6 million in AWS credits to support AI development in the country.

Cultivating Japan’s AI Research Scene

Beyond infrastructure investments, US tech firms are also keen on nurturing Japan’s AI research community. Microsoft’s plan to establish a new AI research lab in Tokyo, supported by grants for academics, underscores this commitment. Moreover, a collaborative $100 million program funded by AWS, Microsoft, Arm, and Nvidia aims to foster partnerships between American and Japanese universities in AI research.

Microsoft’s expansion into Japan extends beyond infrastructure and research, as the company’s AI arm prepares to open a new office in Tokyo. This move aligns with OpenAI’s strategy to introduce Japanese language AI services, including ChatGPT, to a wider audience.

Source: Ai Katana/X

High-Level Engagement and Partnerships

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s efforts to attract American investment in Japan’s AI sector have led to engagements with key figures from leading tech companies. Meetings with Microsoft President Brad Smith, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang highlight the significance of these partnerships in advancing Japan’s AI capabilities.

Commenting on Microsoft’s investment, Prime Minister Kishida acknowledged the company’s role in promoting the social implementation of generative AI in Japan. Similarly, discussions with Meta’s Zuckerberg and Nvidia’s Huang underscore the collaborative efforts to address Japan’s demand for AI technologies.

Zuckerberg emphasized the productive nature of his conversation with Prime Minister Kishida, focusing on AI and technology’s future. Meanwhile, Huang committed to prioritizing Japan’s GPU requirements, acknowledging the country’s high demand for Nvidia’s AI chips.


The influx of investments from US-based tech giants like Microsoft, AWS, Meta, and Nvidia signals a renewed interest in Japan’s AI sector. With substantial financial commitments and collaborative initiatives, these companies aim to bolster infrastructure, support research endeavors, and foster partnerships in Japan. As Prime Minister Kishida continues to engage with industry leaders, the stage is set for further advancements in Japan’s AI landscape, driven by international collaboration and innovation.

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