April 19, 2024
Microsoft Edge On Mobile Becomes AI Browser

Microsoft Edge On Mobile Becomes AI Browser

Without explaining, Microsoft has opted to rebrand the iOS and Android editions of its Edge web browser, now named “Microsoft Edge: AI Browser.” The renaming does not seem to be accompanied by substantial changes, and the browser continues to emphasize artificial intelligence (AI) features. Microsoft has not officially announced the name change, leaving the purpose behind it unclear, and any potential plans for the browser remain undisclosed.

Despite the lack of a formal announcement, the app description highlights several AI-powered features, which include. Enhance browsing with Copilot powered by GPT-4. Create images with DALL-E 3.

Microsoft Edge, now an AI-powered browser, incorporates Copilot for an enhanced browsing experience. Empowered by GPT-4, Copilot facilitates asking questions, refining searches, and generating comprehensive summaries and images using DALL-E 3. Microsoft Edge stands out as a more intelligent means to browse, find, create, and shop while on the go.

While it does not specify the reasons for the timing of the name change, it acknowledges the browser’s existing AI-centric attributes. There is no indication of whether the rebranding will extend to the desktop version, as currently, only the mobile iterations of the browser have undergone the name change.

The move aligns with Microsoft’s broader strategy of integrating AI into its products, emphasizing its commitment to the role of AI in technology. The article concludes by noting that Microsoft has not revealed any additional plans or insights into the future direction of the AI Browser beyond the existing emphasis on AI integration.

Image by efes from Pixabay

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