July 24, 2024
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Metaplanet to Issue 1 Billion Yen in Bonds for Bitcoin Purchase

Tokyo-based investment firm Metaplanet has announced its plan to issue 1 billion yen ($6.26 million) worth of bonds to fund a Bitcoin purchase. This decision, approved by the board on June 24, aims to strengthen the firm’s long-term Bitcoin (BTC) holdings. The bonds will offer an annual interest rate of 0.5%.

Strategic Move Amid Market Volatility

Despite Bitcoin hitting a 40-day low, falling 2.6% to $62,733, Metaplanet remains committed to increasing its cryptocurrency assets. If the purchase were made today, the firm would acquire nearly 100 BTC. This addition will boost their existing Bitcoin reserves, which stood at 141.07 BTC after a recent acquisition of 23.25 BTC on June 11. Metaplanet began its Bitcoin accumulation in mid-May with an initial purchase of 117 BTC.

Rising Share Prices Reflect Investor Confidence

Metaplanet’s share price surged by 11.5% on Monday, trading at 96 yen ($0.60). This continues the remarkable over 500% gain in its stock price this year, indicating strong investor confidence. The firm’s “Bitcoin-first, Bitcoin-only approach” is seen as a strategic response to economic pressures in Japan.

Metaplanet peaked at 104 yen ($0.65) on Monday when trading resumed after lunch. Source: Google Finance

However, with an average purchasing price of $65,365 per Bitcoin, Metaplanet is currently facing losses on its Bitcoin investments.

Comparisons to MicroStrategy

Metaplanet’s aggressive Bitcoin acquisition strategy has drawn comparisons to American software company MicroStrategy, which holds the most Bitcoin among public companies, with 214,400 BTC valued at $13.4 billion.

As Metaplanet continues to build its cryptocurrency portfolio, it positions itself as a significant player in the market, despite the inherent risks and market volatility.

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