April 19, 2024
MetaMask Enables Crypto to Fiat Conversion and Bank Transfers
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MetaMask Enables Crypto to Fiat Conversion and Bank Transfers

Now that users of the cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask have the option, they can convert their digital assets into fiat money and transfer it to a bank account or PayPal account.

According to a blog post published by MetaMask on Tuesday, consumers of its web-based platform can now change their cryptocurrency into dollars, euros, and pounds. The message continued by saying that there are “plans to expand to more regions to cater to our worldwide community.”

“Combined with the Buy feature, it enables you to have a self-sufficient Web3 experience with fewer intermediaries and faster fiat conversion directly to your destination of choice where available, like your bank account or PayPal balance,” the post stated. “Ensuring a way for users to enter and exit crypto freely is important, and we hope these options make Web3 attainable to more people.”

MetaMask is a well-liked Ethereum wallet and browser plugin that works with Google Chrome, Brave, Edge, and Firefox and has more than 30 million active monthly users.  By establishing a connection between an internet browser and the Ethereum blockchain, enables users to store their keys, conduct transactions with exchanges, and use decentralized applications (dApps), like decentralized financial protocols or cryptogames, to conduct transactions.

Just last month, Banxa, a fintech company, and the fiat-to-crypto onramp Banxa collaborated to offer MetaMask’s optimized Apple Pay alternative. A “learning simulation platform” called Metamask Learn was introduced in January to enlighten the public on important Web3 ideas.

Image: Freepik

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