April 19, 2024
Meta Prohibits Generative AI Ad Tools for Political Advertisers

Meta Prohibits Generative AI Ad Tools for Political Advertisers

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is not allowing political campaigns and advertisers to use its generative artificial intelligence (AI) advertising tools, as reported exclusively by Reuters. On Nov. 6, Meta updated its help center to reflect this decision.

In a note explaining how the tools work, the company stated, “Advertisers running campaigns related to sensitive topics such as Housing, Employment, Credit, Social Issues, Elections, Politics, Health, Pharmaceuticals, or Financial Services aren’t currently permitted to use these Generative AI features.” Meta aims to better understand potential risks and establish appropriate safeguards for AI use in ads concerning regulated industries.

Notably, Meta’s general advertising standards do not have specific rules addressing AI, but they do prohibit ads containing content debunked by fact-checking partners. In September, Google updated its political content policy, requiring verified election advertisers to disclose AI usage in their campaign content.

Google’s standards specify that ads with inconsequential synthetic content alterations related to their claims may be exempt from disclosure requirements. In the United States, regulators are contemplating regulations for political AI deep fakes in anticipation of the 2024 election cycle, amid concerns about AI’s potential impact on voter sentiment and the creation of fake news.

Furthermore, there have been claims of a left-leaning political bias in one popular AI chatbot, ChatGPT. However, these claims remain subject to dispute within the AI community and academia.

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