May 30, 2024
Meta Launches VR Educational Platform for Ages 13 and Above
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Meta Launches VR Educational Platform for Ages 13 and Above

Meta, the company behind popular social media platforms such as Facebook, is bringing its enterprise-level Quest virtual reality (VR) services to the education sector, the company announced on April 15.

This move marks a significant shift towards educational products and services in the VR space.

Quest VR Headsets’ Popularity and Growth

Meta’s Quest VR headsets have become “by far the most popular extended reality (XR) headsets on the market,” according to data from Statista.

The VR sector is projected to reach an installed user base of over 34 million units by the end of 2024. If the prediction holds, the sector will have demonstrated a compound annual growth rate of approximately 27.3% since 2020, when the installed VR user base was about 14.2 million.

Pivot Towards Educational Products

To maintain its leadership in the VR market, Meta recently unveiled a range of products and services targeting the enterprise metaverse market.

This shift away from individualized user experiences such as games and one-off immersive environments signals a greater focus on educational products and services.

According to a blog post from Meta’s president of global affairs, Nick Clegg, the company will be launching a new product offering for Quest devices dedicated to education later this year. Clegg stated:

“It will allow teachers, trainers, and administrators to access a range of education-specific apps and features and make it possible for them to manage multiple Quest devices at once, without the need for each device in a classroom or training environment to be updated and prepared individually.”

The details and name of the new product will be revealed in the coming months, with a full launch anticipated by the end of 2024.

The product will be available in the Quest for Business market, which includes most territories in Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States.

Examples of Quest in Education

Meta highlighted several examples of educational institutions already employing Quest headsets.

These include a life sciences course at the University of Glasgow that immerses students inside the human body, a criminal justice course at New Mexico State University that places users at a virtual crime scene, and a business class at Stanford University that helps prepare students for interviews.

The introduction of Quest VR services into the education sector marks an exciting development that could transform traditional teaching methods and offer innovative, immersive learning experiences for students worldwide.

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