May 6, 2024
Memecoin Frenzy Continues
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Memecoin Frenzy Continues, With 138 Memecoins Launched in Q2

The second quarter of the year witnesses an ongoing frenzy surrounding memecoins, continuing the momentum set by popular tokens like Dogwifhat in the preceding months.

Recent data from blockchain researcher Crypto Koryo sheds light on the staggering influx of new memecoins into the market. CoinMarketCap captured over 138 new memecoins launched under the ERC-20 standard last month.

Meme coin speculation boosted by advanced tooling

Launching a memecoin, once a technical feat requiring considerable expertise, has become increasingly accessible. This was possible due to the evolving blockchain solutions and user-friendly tools.

Moreover, the emergence of new token standards and protocols has significantly lowered the entry barrier. It has enabled more creators to venture into the realm of cryptocurrency.

In particular, the introduction of protocols like the Runes protocol on Bitcoin and inscription types such as SRC-20, DRC-20, and ASC-20 on EVM chains has streamlined the process of token creation.

This accessibility has not only diversified the market but also redirected liquidity towards alternative platforms like Solana, which is emerging as a prominent hub for meme tokens.

Solana Emerges as Dominant Hub for Memecoin Activity

According to CoinMarketCap data cited by Crypto Koryo, Solana has emerged as the epicenter of meme token activity. It has eclipsed the dominance previously held by Ethereum-based projects like Dogecoin, Floki Inu, and Shiba Inu.

While this shift has broadened the spectrum of meme plays, it has also contributed to an oversaturation of the memecoin market.

Challenges Amidst the Memecoin Frenzy

Despite the ease of access facilitated by advanced tools and decentralized networks, the proliferation of memecoins presents unique challenges for traders.

Crypto Koryo warns of an inevitable attrition, with many of these tokens ultimately plummeting to zero value.

Crypto Korya via X

As traders navigate through this landscape of memecoin frenzy, striking a balance between risk and reward remains a formidable task.

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