February 29, 2024
Mastercard Launches UEFA Champions League NFT Trivia Game

Mastercard Launches UEFA Champions League NFT Trivia Game

In an exciting development for football enthusiasts worldwide, Mastercard and UEFA have teamed up to launch an innovative NFT trivia game for the Champions League. Now open for participation, this game promises significant rewards for passionate fans eager to showcase their football knowledge.

Partnering with MoonPay, this initiative allows fans to vie for exclusive prizes on Mastercard’s blockchain-driven rewards platform, ‘Priceless,’ including the highly coveted tickets to the UEFA Champions League finale. To participate, fans must acquire a complimentary ‘Mastercard x UEFA Champions League Pass NFT and put their football expertise to the test.

The Mastercard x UEFA Champions League program leverages Polygon’s blockchain technology to issue free NFT tickets, providing exclusive access through priceless.com. To obtain these digital assets, cardholders are encouraged to set up a MoonPay digital wallet—a seamless process facilitated by Mastercard and MoonPay, requiring only an email for access.

This initiative underscores Mastercard’s profound expertise in blockchain technology, demonstrated previously through its Web3 music accelerator and partnerships with crypto giants like Coinbase and bitsCrunch. With Priceless, Mastercard continues to distinguish itself by inviting fans to immerse themselves in the excitement of the Champions League while offering unprecedented rewards.

By securing a complimentary NFT pass through the banking giant’s captivating rewards platform, football enthusiasts can turn their passion for the game into unmatched victories. Whether testing their football knowledge or aiming for the ultimate prize of Champions League finale tickets, fans have a unique opportunity to engage with their favourite sport in a new way.

As the partnership between Mastercard and UEFA unfolds, it promises to bring even more excitement and innovation to the world of football fandom. Stay tuned as fans gear up to participate in this thrilling NFT trivia game and vie for the chance to experience the pinnacle of European football firsthand.

Image: Wallpapers.com

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