April 19, 2024
Mark Yusko Predicts Bitcoin Tidal Wave Amidst Imminent Network Halving
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Mark Yusko Predicts Bitcoin Tidal Wave Amidst Imminent Network Halving

According to Mark Yusko, a Bitcoin tidal wave is on its way.

The founder of Morgan Creek Capital asserts that the imminent halving of the Bitcoin network and the likely approval of BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETF will result in “tens of billions, if not hundreds of billions, of dollars of demand into the physical spot market.”

Yusko asserts that if an ETF is approved, the current bias against the cryptocurrency business that is present among traditional investing companies is “all going to go away” on the Forward Guidance podcast (Spotify/Apple).

Institutional investors are currently faced with numerous obstacles, but Yusko predicts that this will change. He declares that no one will be able to refuse, not Merrill Lynch or UBS.

However, Yusko claims that since the previous cryptocurrency bull run, when many more institutional clients were begging for access, sentiment has deteriorated significantly. “People buy what they wish they would have bought.” They say less now than they did two years ago.

He explains, “Now that it’s on sale, people run out of the store.”

People will “knock each other over” to get a good deal in every “other business in the world” besides stocks and cryptocurrencies, but investing displays the opposite behaviour, according to Yusko.

According to podcast presenter Jack Farley, “demand for something is always highest at the top and lowest at the bottom.”

“Humans are simplistic animals,” Yusko explains. “They buy what they wish they would have bought, and they sell what they’re about to need.”

Changing the subject to stocks and bonds, Yusko asserts that the pattern of illogical conduct may be objectively seen over a long period. He declares, “Here’s the proof,” providing twenty-year data from JPMorgan that demonstrates that equities gained 8.5 per cent throughout that time, compounded. Bonds earned 5.5 per cent.

“All you had to do,” Yusko states, was simply “pick one.” But over the same period, the average investor only made 2.9% gains, he stated.

“How’s that possible?” he asks. “All you had to do was pick one, or a little of each.”

“No. They bought stocks when they were hot and sold them when they were not.”

“It should be against the law for people from 20 to 65 to own bonds,” he says. “If you’re 20 years old and you can’t touch the money for 50 years, you should be in the highest-volatility asset.”

So-called “risk-free” investments still end up netting the cautious investor near-zero profits because “inflation chews up what you make,” Yusko stated.

“Volatility is your friend,” Yusko concluded.

Image: Unsplash

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