March 27, 2024
Maine's Unclaimed Cryptocurrency Dilemma
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Maine State Treasurer’s Report Highlights Need for Crypto Asset Oversight

The Maine State Treasurer’s Office issued a report emphasizing the state’s interest in officially overseeing abandoned and recovered crypto assets.

The report revealed Maine’s lack of readiness to manage cryptocurrencies, stating that their office does not currently handle cryptocurrency, but programs like Unclaimed Property may need to start addressing the situation of abandoned cryptocurrency accounts.

Presently, Maine holds over $328 million in unclaimed property, requiring the claimants’ name, address, and property ID for retrieval. The report also highlighted the treasurer’s interest in enacting reforms addressing emerging technology issues, automated clearing house payments, and cryptocurrencies, expressing the potential intent to hold recovered crypto assets in the future.

The concern regarding unclaimed cryptocurrencies extends to the Ethereum ecosystem, as evidenced by millions of dollars in unclaimed ETH from a presale event in 2014. Additionally, a recent incident involving the Maine Democratic Party’s refusal to return a $100,000 donation received from Sam Bankman-Fried and the U.S. attorney’s demand for political committees to return donations received from FTX following a case verdict was reported by Maine Wire.

In 2022, Coinbase introduced a tool capable of recovering unsupported ERC-20 tokens erroneously sent to the exchange’s address. This tool directly transfers unsupported assets from the inbound address to the user’s self-custodial wallet without exposing private keys, utilizing patent-pending technology.

The inability to recover cryptocurrencies sent to unsupported wallets contributes to the growing pool of unclaimed digital assets. Coinbase’s tool offers a solution by providing the Ethereum TXID and the contract address of the lost asset, enabling users to recover lost funds.

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