May 23, 2024
MAI-1, Microsoft's New AI Model to Rival Google, OpenAI

MAI-1, Microsoft’s New AI Model to Rival Google, OpenAI

According to reports, Microsoft is in the process of developing a new AI model internally referred to as MAI-1. Overseen by Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of Google DeepMind and former CEO of AI startup Inflection, MAI-1 is expected to be significantly larger than previous models developed by Microsoft. The exact purpose of this chatbot has yet to be determined and will depend on its performance. Microsoft may unveil the new model at its upcoming Build developer conference later this month.

Mustafa Suleyman, Source: Mustafa Suleyman/X

Investment in AI and OpenAI Collaboration

Microsoft’s investment in AI technology has been substantial, with recent launches including a smaller AI model called Phi-3-mini aimed at expanding its client base with cost-effective options. The company has invested billions of dollars in OpenAI and integrated ChatGPT maker’s technology into its suite of productivity software, positioning itself as a leader in the generative AI field. To enhance the new AI model, Microsoft has allocated large clusters of servers equipped with Nvidia’s graphic processing units and vast amounts of data for training purposes.

Key Features and Leadership

MAI-1 is anticipated to have approximately 500 billion parameters, making it significantly larger than previous models. While OpenAI’s GPT-4 boasts one trillion parameters and Phi-3 mini measures 3.8 billion parameters, MAI-1 represents a substantial leap in scale. Mustafa Suleyman, appointed as the head of Microsoft’s consumer AI unit in March, is spearheading the development of this chatbot. Although Suleyman was previously associated with Inflection, the new model is not a direct continuation of the startup’s work but may utilize training data from Inflection to enhance its capabilities.

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