April 19, 2024
LinkedIn's 'Recruiter 2024' pilot with AI-driven tools

LinkedIn Empowers Recruiters with Innovative AI Features

LinkedIn, the business-focused social platform owned by Microsoft, has introduced new artificial intelligence (AI) features aimed at aiding job recruiters in candidate sourcing. On October 3rd, LinkedIn revealed the commencement of its pilot program for ‘Recruiter 2024,’ an AI-assisted tool designed for recruiters.

According to the announcement, recruiters can now utilize natural language to pose queries and locate candidates on the platform using this tool. Moreover, it allows recruiters to craft advertising campaigns for job positions. At the Talent Connect Summit in New York, LinkedIn’s CEO, Ryan Roslansky, emphasized the industry’s need for novel strategies, with AI playing a pivotal role in their development.

In Roslansky’s opinion, the positive aspect is that AI is not merely hastening the requirement for fresh strategies, but it will also serve as an invaluable resource in their formulation.

In addition to the AI-assisted recruitment tool, LinkedIn has also introduced AI-powered coaching within its LinkedIn Learning section. This feature is capable of personalizing content and delivering real-time guidance based on the user’s career goals. Over the past year, LinkedIn reported a 65% increase in interest in its AI-based course offerings. These newly unveiled AI-driven recruitment and learning tools will initially be accessible to a select group of users and will be made more widely available in the future. Notably, Microsoft, the owner of LinkedIn, is believed to be leveraging technology from OpenAI, which is supported by Microsoft and is renowned as the creator of the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT, to develop these AI capabilities.

In May, LinkedIn introduced AI-assisted messaging for recruiters, and subsequent reports indicated that 74% of users found it to be a time-saving feature.

LinkedIn is just one of numerous companies incorporating AI-driven applications into their operations. On September 27th, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, unveiled an AI chat assistant known as Meta AI in response to ChatGPT. This Meta AI assistant will be integrated into various Meta-owned platforms, including the widely used social media and messaging applications Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

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