July 16, 2024
Leading Australian Healthcare Institute Selects Filecoin for Decentralized Data Storage
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Leading Australian Healthcare Institute Selects Filecoin for Decentralized Data Storage

Decentralized storage options seem to be gaining acceptance among experts and non-Web3 users.

Filecoin has been chosen as the preferred form of storage by the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, an Australian healthcare institution with over 230 scientists and 23 laboratories.

Former Princess Diana of Wales gave the institute its ceremonial opening in 1994.

According to a statement provided to Blockworks, that same institute has parked nearly thirty years’ worth of cardiac research data with Distributed Storage Solutions (DSS), one of the leading storage providers on the Filecoin network.

The institute’s IT director, Todd Ryman, stated that the transition to Filecoin would start in earnest in September 2022. Beginning in November 2022, publicly released data started to be transferred.

Ryman claimed that since Filecoin provided cost reductions, the institute abandoned “on-premises storage systems” and cloud-based options.

The institute is no longer “charged excessive fees from cloud providers if we need to restore any of this data,” according to Ryman.

Additionally, there is a ton of data, as was already mentioned.

The institute’s SyncroPatch machine, a medical device that can analyze cardiovascular cells, can produce 20,000 data points each day, according to a case study released by Filecoin DeStor. As a result, it generates gigabytes of data every week.

According to Ryman of Blockworks, Filecoin is an ideal match for the institute’s requirements due to its decentralized structure and commitment to data security.

“The decentralized architecture enhances data redundancy and durability, reducing the risk of data loss due to hardware failures or other localized incidents. Filecoin’s use of blockchain technology ensures that data integrity is maintained, making it suitable for preserving valuable research findings,” Ryman stated.

The 3,500 storage provision nodes, also known as validators, that make up the Filecoin network, according to Stefaan Vervaet, Protocol Labs’ head of network growth, every day, these nodes cryptographically validate on-chain data. A significant contributor to Filecoin is Protocol Labs.

Additionally, Vervaet informed Blockworks that the data is not kept on-chain, including the data from the cardiac institute. As opposed to it, “the hash that represents the data is stored on-chain.”

Information on the network is therefore not recognized by its IP address, name, or file type. The hash, according to Vervaet, serves as a user’s “unique handle” to access the requested content that is kept on DSS or any of the remaining Filecoin storage providers.

Ryman claims that Filecoin makes it feasible to share data with other academics, something that is significant in the discipline of clinical science.

“With Filecoin’s distributed storage and retrieval mechanisms, we can easily provide any researcher with access to specific datasets without the need for large-scale data transfers. This enhances collaboration and accelerates research outcomes by facilitating seamless data sharing while maintaining the privacy and security of our datasets.” Ryman stated.

Not only is the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute a reputable organization that uses Filecoin, but other clients include the University of Utah, the University of California, Berkeley, and well-known Web3 participants like Solana and OpenSea.

The 1.5 EiB of data that Filecoin has onboarded with its roughly 1700 clients, that 1.5 EiB is equivalent to 1.7 billion terabytes, to put things in perspective. That basically translates to the storage space of 13.5 million iPhone base models.

Image: Freepik

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