April 25, 2024
Lazarus Group's LinkedIn Cyber Attacks

LinkedIn Exploitation: Lazarus Group’s Cyber Attacks Target Crypto Industry

Recent reports have brought to light concerning activities involving the notorious North Korean hacker group Lazarus, which is now leveraging LinkedIn to target unsuspecting users within the cryptocurrency industry. This new tactic employs sophisticated methods aimed at stealing assets through targeted malware attacks, emphasizing the growing concerns surrounding cybersecurity.

LinkedIn: A Gateway for Cyber Intrusions

SlowMist, a blockchain security analytic firm, has shed light on a troubling trend where Lazarus Group hackers pose as job-seeking blockchain developers on LinkedIn. By assuming the identities of legitimate job applicants, hackers gain access to confidential employee credentials and repositories, all under the guise of running innocuous code snippets. However, these seemingly harmless snippets conceal malicious code designed to pilfer valuable assets and sensitive information.

Lazarus’s Deceptive Tactics Continue

This isn’t the first time Lazarus has resorted to deceptive strategies for their illicit gains. In a previous incident, the group impersonated a fake Meta recruiter, employing similar tactics to breach systems and compromise security measures. Victims unwittingly download seemingly benign coding challenges, unaware that they contain malicious software granting hackers remote access to their systems.

Past Heists and Ongoing Threats

Lazarus boasts a notorious history of high-profile cybercrimes, including the noteworthy $37 million theft from crypto payment firm CoinPaid in August 2023. Through deceptive job interviews and enticing offers, hackers exploit vulnerabilities within companies, resulting in substantial financial losses. The Ronin Bridge hack, which saw $625 million stolen, underscores the scale and audacity of their operations.


Despite global sanctions and heightened cybersecurity measures, Lazarus remains a persistent threat to crypto firms, underscoring ongoing industry challenges. Nonetheless, collaborative efforts by crypto platforms and exchanges, such as freezing illicit assets linked to North Korea, showcase proactive steps in combating cyber threats and safeguarding digital assets from malicious actors.

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