July 21, 2024
Nigeria-language barriers
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Language Barriers and Blockchain: Nigeria’s Struggle for Web3 Education

Nigeria, despite having a high level of blockchain and crypto awareness, grapples with challenges surrounding public education in this domain. These issues were the focal point of discussions among local experts at the Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SIBAN)’s Digital Assets Summit 2023, held in the nation’s capital, Abuja.

During the panel titled ‘Web3 Education: Capacity Building,’ the group delved into Nigeria’s current level of blockchain and Web3 awareness and the obstacles encountered on this journey.

Bello Usman Abdullahi, the chief operating officer of Bitkova Academy, a blockchain education platform, emphasized that the language barrier stands as a significant challenge. This is attributed to the intricate nature of blockchain technology and its terminology.

Nigeria boasts a remarkable linguistic diversity, with over 500 languages spoken. Nonetheless, local blockchain hubs have taken steps to educate individuals unfamiliar with blockchain technology by employing various Nigerian languages.

Abdullahi stressed the importance of aiding newcomers in comprehending Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision for blockchain technology and Web3. This, he believes, is crucial to dispelling the fear and negativity sown in the minds of citizens by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the government. In February 2021, the CBN severed ties between local banks and cryptocurrency exchange firms, an action Abdullahi believes has hampered blockchain awareness in Nigeria, associating blockchain and crypto with negative perceptions.

Nigeria, which once held the top spot globally in terms of search interest for Bitcoin according to Google Trends data, has witnessed a decline in crypto interest and is now ranked No. 2 in the world.

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