April 19, 2024
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KuCoin Responds to User Withdrawal Issues Amidst Reddit Claims

In recent days, users of the popular cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin have taken to Reddit to express their concerns over difficulties in withdrawing funds. On February 21, numerous posts surfaced on the KuCoin subreddit detailing instances of users allegedly being unable to access their funds, with some claiming to have faced issues for several months.

A Reddit user claims to have been locked out of their KuCoin account. Source: Reddit

One Reddit user revealed a prolonged four-month lockout from their funds, despite providing all requested information to KuCoin. Expressing frustration, the user stated that despite compliance, no action had been taken by the exchange to resolve the matter.

Another user reported being blocked from their account for two months, alleging that KuCoin made serious allegations against them without providing any supporting details. The exchange reportedly accused the account of involvement in crimes such as fraud, token theft, or hacker attacks, but failed to furnish evidence to the affected user.

Additionally, one user claimed that $30,000 worth of their Monero tokens had been frozen by KuCoin, while another complained of withdrawal capabilities being frozen, even with a verified account and years of usage.

The Reddit posts prompted discussions among users, with speculations ranging from issues related to Know Your Customer (KYC) checks to warnings urging users to exit the platform to safeguard their digital assets.

In response to the growing concerns, KuCoin’s global public relations and branding associate, Eden Gao, assured users that the exchange is actively addressing the reported problems. Gao stated that the exchange’s moderators are in communication with affected users to resolve their issues and provide solutions.

Gao emphasized that KuCoin does not freeze user accounts or restrict the disposal of assets. To enhance user security, the exchange has implemented a comprehensive risk control system and is willing to cooperate with authorities worldwide to uphold best practices.

Acknowledging that with 31 million users worldwide, disruptions might occur for some, Gao assured the community that KuCoin has designated support members across various public platforms, including X, Telegram, Reddit, and others.

As KuCoin works towards resolving these withdrawal issues, users are encouraged to stay informed through the official channels provided by the exchange.

Image from Wikimedia Commons

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