April 19, 2024

KresusLabs Unveils Kresus Market: A Curated Gateway to Polygon Projects

KresusLabs, a prominent developer in the Web3 realm, announced the launch of Kresus Market on August 23. This carefully curated marketplace serves as a gateway to projects on the Polygon network. Throughout 2023, KresusLabs has made significant strides, securing $25 million in a funding round spearheaded by Cameron Winklevoss in March and unveiling its innovative “SuperApp” in May.

Kresus Market functions as a link between the conventional Web3 experience and the more traditional Web2 marketplaces. Its curated approach is intended to assist users of the SuperApp in effectively navigating the abundance of assets and projects present on the Polygon blockchain.

As stated in a tweet posted on X (formerly Twitter) by @Kresusofficial:

“So what’s inside the Kresus Marketplace? Find a curated list of top-tier DeFi, Gaming, & NFT projects. Every project on our marketplace has been vetted by the Kresus team for audits, its team & more, ensuring you a seamless and safe Web3 journey!”

According to Polygon, the number of minted NFTs on their blockchain had exceeded 843 as of May 2023. This suggests that curated marketplaces could receive a positive reception within the crypto and NFT communities.

In tandem with this, KresusLabs unveiled Kresus Connect on August 23, an addition to the SuperApp that offers “direct and secure connections to third-party sites.” As outlined in a blog post, dApp developers can integrate Kresus Connect via a button within their applications. This empowers SuperApp users to seamlessly connect through Kresus’ Web3 bridge.

The trend among Web3 organizations to invest in bridging technologies, which amalgamate the advantages and functionalities of Web3 with the user-friendliness and convenience of Web2, is on the rise.

Image by vecstock on Freepik

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