March 27, 2024
Krafton Unveils Settlus: A Blockchain Revolution for PUBG Payments
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Krafton Unveils Settlus: A Blockchain Revolution for PUBG Payments

The creators of the well-known battle royale game PUBG: Battlegrounds (formerly known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), Krafton, have presented their intentions for Settlus, a blockchain endeavor that will use the Cosmos SDK to settle payments in USDC.

According to a Medium piece shared on Twitter by Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire, Krafton, Circle, and AngelHack launched the Settlus blockchain platform on Tuesday during the Circle Hacker House event of the Korea Blockchain Week.

Allaire described the development as “pretty exciting,” emphasizing the 30 million PUBG players who are active on a monthly basis who might be added to the new payment and settlement layer.

A framework for creating brand-new layer-1 blockchains that may communicate with other blockchains created in accordance with the same standard is called the Cosmos SDK, or Cosmos Software Development Kit.

Settlus launched a website and social media pages yesterday. The website states that the testnet’s launch is scheduled for early 2024.

Settlus is a brand-new layer-1 blockchain for projects involving the metaverse and payment settlements.

The blockchain will have the intriguing feature of allowing stablecoins to be used to pay for network gas fees, with Circle’s stablecoin USDC initially being used to settle payments for content creators.

On September 1, Circle introduced native USDC support for the Cosmos ecosystem via Noble, an appchain created especially for issuing native assets within the Cosmos network, along with inter-blockchain transfers made possible via the Cosmos ecosystem’s IBC protocol.

The Settlus team has clarified their goals for the Project Migaloo metaverse platform. As stated by Project Migaloo’s Biz & Ops Team Lead Bryan Song, the platform was created “in tandem” with the Settlus blockchain. Migaloo will provide content creators with a “create-to-earn” system that effortlessly produces NFTs of the digital assets they produce and grants them royalties on platform sales.


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