July 14, 2024

Konami and Avalanche Launch ‘Resella’ NFT Solution for Web3

Japanese game developer and publisher Konami has teamed up with Avalanche blockchain to unveil “Resella,” a new NFT solution aimed at advancing Web3 services.

Simplifying NFT Transactions with Resella

Konami’s partnership with Avalanche focuses on streamlining the creation, issuance, and trading of NFTs through the Resella platform. This initiative aims to make blockchain technology more accessible by removing the complexities of external Web3 wallets and cryptocurrency transactions. Notably, Resella supports transactions in Japanese yen, catering specifically to Japan’s local market while enhancing features for a global audience. The platform’s user-friendly design aims to attract newcomers to blockchain technology, offering a seamless experience for individuals and businesses alike.

Integration into Gaming and Beyond

Beyond simplifying NFT transactions, Resella acts as a gateway for traditional gaming platforms to enter the Web3 space. Konami, renowned for its iconic gaming franchises, views Resella as a tool to help businesses leverage blockchain innovations. This move is expected to expand the scope of NFT applications, potentially integrating them into gaming environments as event tickets or exclusive in-game content. Konami’s earlier venture into NFTs with the Castlevania collection in 2022 laid the foundation for Resella, aiming to foster richer social experiences and deeper user engagement across various sectors.

Technical Capabilities and Future Prospects

Powered by an Avalanche subnet and supported by Ava Labs’ AvaCloud Web3 launchpad service, Resella ensures efficient operations with zero gas costs for users and consistent processing speeds. This infrastructure underscores Konami’s dedication to providing a dependable and scalable NFT solution.


Konami’s collaboration with Avalanche to launch Resella represents a significant stride in democratizing blockchain technology. By simplifying NFT transactions and integrating them into diverse applications, Konami aims to drive broader adoption of Web3 innovations on a global scale. As the partnership progresses, Resella has the potential to redefine how businesses engage with blockchain, offering new opportunities for creativity and connectivity in the digital economy.

Image by Kerfin7 on Freepik

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