July 14, 2024
Key Bitcoin Price Levels to Watch as $52K Trend Risks Failure
Bitcoin price today

Key Bitcoin Price Levels to Watch as $52K Trend Risks Failure

Friday, July 5, 2024: Bitcoin Price Today is $55,202. As a result of the massive liquidation cascade that was triggered by payouts from the Mt. Gox scandal, Bitcoin (BTC) is facing tremendous obstacles in its ongoing bull market trajectory. The Bitcoin price fell by 5% on July 5 alone, according to statistics from TradingView. With this dip, traders are keeping a careful eye on critical support levels that bulls need to hold to keep the bullish trend going.

BTC/USD 1-hour chart. Source: TradingView

Key Bitcoin Price Levels and Market Analysis

Matthew Hyland, a well-known trader, says that the $52,000 threshold is the crucial support level. From the all-time high of $73,800 in mid-March, this level has been a crucial base for Bitcoin’s super trend indicator on weekly timeframes. It also acts as the floor of the indicator. The average true range is used by the supertrend indicator to generate a “Supertrend line,” which indicates the buy and sell phases for BTC/USD. The pair has been above the supertrend line ever since the end of the last bear market for Bitcoin at the end of 2022.

Bitcoin Supertrend. Source: Matthew Hyland

In comparison to past Bitcoin bull markets, the current decline from all-time highs is quite small, notwithstanding the recent dip. Historically, there have been several 38% declines in the Bitcoin price since 2016, with a capitulation target of $45,750.

Industry Reactions and Long-term Outlook

Blockstream’s creator and CEO, Adam Back, commented on the matter and criticized the erratic nature of market sentiment. He advocated increased exposure to both Bitcoin and the stock of MicroStrategy, a company that has the largest Bitcoin treasury among public firms, and underlined the significance of long-term holding, or hodling. Back gave explicit advice: “Zoom out, just in case. Past bull markets have seen six drawdowns of 30% or more. He posted on X, “We’re at about -26% (-27% earlier).”

“In fact if anything, recent draw-downs seem to be less deep, but people forget the normal bull market pattern. Don’t panic, buy the dip. or buy a bit of $CMSTR with BTC.”

BTC/USD chart with drawdowns (screenshot). Source: Adam Back

Rekt Capital, a well-known trader and analyst, was unfazed by the recent decline in the market. “This pullback is -21% deep & 45 days long,” he said.

“In terms of retrace depth, this is almost an average retrace. In terms of retrace duration, this is an above-average pullback.”

The average retrace depth in this cycle is -22%, and the average retrace time is 42 days. According to his analysis, the history of Bitcoin price is “repeating as we speak,” showing a pattern that is similar to earlier market cycles.

BTC/USD comparative chart. Source: Rekt Capital


It will be important to monitor the stability of major support levels, such as the $52,000 mark, as Bitcoin navigates this difficult phase. Market players are reminded of the past volatility of Bitcoin and the significance of maintaining a long-term perspective by observers such as Hyland, Back, and Rekt Capital, who offer a more measured viewpoint. The market’s response to the Mt. Gox reimbursements will be closely watched in the upcoming weeks to see if Bitcoin can continue its bull market momentum in the face of these challenges.

Image by Eivind Pedersen from Pixabay

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