April 19, 2024
JMP Securities Predicts $220 Billion Inflow into Spot Bitcoin ETFs by 2026
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JMP Securities Predicts $220 Billion Inflow into Spot Bitcoin ETFs by 2026

Massive Inflows Expected for Spot Bitcoin ETFs

According to a research report from broker JMP Securities, spot bitcoin (BTC) ETFs could see a staggering $220 billion of inflows over the next three years. This influx of capital could have a profound impact on the price of Bitcoin, potentially driving it up to a whopping $280,000 per coin.

Multiplier Effect on Bitcoin Price

JMP analysts predict that the substantial inflows into spot Bitcoin ETFs could have a multiplier effect on the cryptocurrency’s price. They estimate that if their $220 billion inflow projection is accurate, and applying an estimated multiplier of 25 times for new capital, it could result in a $5.5 trillion increase in Bitcoin’s market capitalization. This translates to a potential price of $280,000 per Bitcoin.

Coinbase Stands to Benefit

The report from JMP Securities highlights that crypto exchange Coinbase (COIN) remains well-positioned to benefit from the anticipated surge in spot Bitcoin ETF inflows. As a result, the broker raised its price target on Coinbase stock to $300 from $220, the highest among Wall Street analysts, while maintaining its market outperform rating.

Record-Breaking Inflows Already Observed

The analysts’ projections seem plausible, given the record-breaking inflows already observed in spot Bitcoin ETFs. On Tuesday, these ETFs saw a new daily record of net inflows worth over $1 billion, equivalent to 14,706 bitcoins, according to data tracked by BitMEX research.

Contrasting Estimates from JPMorgan

However, it’s worth noting that a separate analysis by JPMorgan suggests a more conservative estimate for the growth of the spot Bitcoin ETF market. The bank predicts that this market could grow to around $62 billion in the next two to three years, a figure substantially lower than JMP Securities’ projections.

Quotes from JMP Securities Report

“We estimate $220B of incremental flows will come into the ETFs over the next three years, which could also be quite impactful to bitcoin’s price given the multiplier on capital,” analysts led by Devin Ryan wrote.

“If we are directionally correct on the level of net ETF inflows reaching $220B, applying our estimate of the current multiplier of new capital of ~25X, this alone could drive a $5.5T bitcoin market cap increase, or $280K per bitcoin,” the authors wrote.

While the projections from JMP Securities may seem ambitious, the unprecedented demand for spot Bitcoin ETFs and the potential for institutional adoption suggest that the cryptocurrency market could be poised for substantial growth in the coming years.

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