March 27, 2024
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Jeeves CEO Thazhmon Unveils Doha Expansion at Web Summit Qatar 2024

In a keynote address at Web Summit Qatar 2024, Jeeves CEO and Founder, Dileep Thazhmon, shared his personal connection to Doha, reminiscing about his childhood spent in the vibrant city. Reflecting on the significant development Qatar’s capital has witnessed, particularly since hosting the World Cup, Thazhmon expressed his excitement about returning to the city with Jeeves’ innovative financial solutions.

Thazhmon detailed Jeeves’ strategic approach to entering new markets, highlighting the company’s reliance on a robust infrastructure that facilitates scalability without extensive localization of its technological stack. This approach allows Jeeves to swiftly adapt to new markets, with the primary requirement being the acquisition of local licenses. Thazhmon stated, “We could launch here as soon as next year because we don’t have to rebuild any of that stack.”

As a global fintech platform, Jeeves offers businesses an all-in-one corporate card and expense management solution. Founded in 2019, the company has gained popularity for enabling international businesses to manage finances efficiently across borders and currencies. Having raised $265 million in funding from tech giants like Tencent, Jeeves currently operates in 20 countries, including key markets in the Americas and Europe. However, it has yet to make its mark in the Middle Eastern market.

The discussion at Web Summit Qatar 2024 delved into the unique challenges and strategies for localizing services in diverse regions, particularly the Middle East. Thazhmon emphasized the importance of adapting to local languages and customs. He stated, “Jeeves always wants to go beyond mere translation when offering its services to ensure that the platform’s user experience and product offerings resonate with local customs and consumer behaviors.”

The CEO highlighted the significance of this localization approach, asserting its crucial role in tailoring services to meet the specific needs of each market. Whether adjusting credit offerings or deposit services, Jeeves aims to provide a seamless and culturally resonant financial experience in its expansion into the dynamic Middle Eastern market.

Image from Wikimedia Commons

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