May 25, 2024
ack Dorsey's shift to decentralized tech

Jack Dorsey Resigns from BlueSky, Embraces Decentralized Tech

Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter turned crypto entrepreneur and CEO of Block (SQ), has officially stepped down from his position on the BlueSky board. BlueSky, a social network startup initiated by Dorsey in 2019, aimed to revolutionize social media by decentralizing it.

Dorsey’s Vision for Decentralized Social Media

Dorsey has long been a proponent of decentralization in social media. In a recent post, he urged followers to embrace “freedom technology” solutions like Nostr, an open-source protocol facilitating decentralized and censorship-resistant social media experiences. Dorsey’s involvement in Nostr and his substantial donations, including 14 bitcoins in 2022, reflect his dedication to this vision.

Shift in Priorities: Advocating for Freedom Technology

His resignation from the BlueSky board marks a strategic shift in focus towards advocating for freedom technology and decentralized platforms. Dorsey emphasized the need for individuals not to rely solely on corporations for their rights, underscoring his commitment to empowering users through decentralized solutions.

Contributions to Decentralization Initiatives

Dorsey’s contributions extend beyond Nostr, as evidenced by his $10 million donation to OpenSats, a non-profit supporting open-source bitcoin projects. These initiatives align with his belief in creating an open and inclusive digital environment.

BlueSky’s Transition and Dorsey’s Legacy

BlueSky expressed gratitude for Dorsey’s contributions but confirmed his departure, signaling a new phase for the company. As they search for a replacement, Dorsey’s legacy remains tied to his advocacy for decentralized technologies and his vision for a more democratized digital landscape.

In conclusion, Jack Dorsey’s decision to resign from the BlueSky board underscores his ongoing commitment to advancing decentralized technologies and advocating for user empowerment in the digital age. His contributions to projects like Nostr and OpenSats reflect a larger movement towards creating a more transparent, decentralized, and user-centric online ecosystem

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