May 7, 2024
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Interpol Completes Extradition Paperwork for Binance Executive

The Nigerian Central Bureau (NCB) of Interpol has taken significant strides in the extradition of Binance Holdings executive Nadeem Anjarwalla, who fled Nigerian jurisdiction amidst charges of money laundering and tax evasion.

Garba Umar, head of the Nigerian NCB, confirmed the completion of extradition paperwork on Sunrise Daily. Efforts are underway to enforce a Red Notice and expedite Anjarwalla’s return for trial.

Tracing Anjarwalla’s Trail: From Nigeria to Kenya

Umar revealed that Anjarwalla’s last known whereabouts were in Kenya, although he did not confirm the executive’s current location.

Interpol has engaged with authorities in all countries Anjarwalla may have transited through, gathering pertinent information to aid in his apprehension.

Anjarwalla, along with colleague Tigran Gambaryan, faced legal action in Nigeria before his escape on March 22.

Legal Proceedings and Public Response

While Gambaryan has pleaded not guilty to the charges, Anjarwalla’s escape has prompted calls for justice and raised questions about airport security measures. Gambaryan’s detention has sparked a petition for his release, garnering thousands of signatures.

Meanwhile, Binance’s decision to halt Nigerian naira transactions and delist trading pairs underscores the broader impact of these legal proceedings on the cryptocurrency market.

Despite the challenges posed by Anjarwalla’s evasion, Interpol’s proactive measures and international collaboration signify a concerted effort to uphold justice across borders.

As legal proceedings continue and public scrutiny intensifies, the case remains a focal point in both the legal and financial spheres, reflecting the intricate intersection of law enforcement and global finance.

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