April 19, 2024
Influencer Gainzy Switches Sponsorship from Rollbit to Stake.com
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Influencer Gainzy Switches Sponsorship from Rollbit to Stake.com

Gainzy joins the ranks of rapper Drake as they switch sponsors. The musician supports Stake.com and posts the occasional payoff along with a highlight reel of winnings for his 142 million Instagram followers to witness.

Gainzy’s bets frequently cause social media commotion, but the influencer’s sponsorship with Stake.com has been surprisingly low-key so far. On Monday, their “Plz Work” gambling livestream received just 140 views compared to their 200,000 Twitter followers.

Tuesday’s technical issues led the influencer to complain that the “misery” of setting up for an hour-long live was too much, offer to pay top cash for some assistance, and then indicate he would take a “beer and a swim to decompress.”

Nevertheless, a Rollbit-related token dropped as Gainzy indicated he was losing his sponsorship. According to CoinGecko, the utility token for the gaming platform, called Rollbit Coin, fell 5.3% to $0.124 the previous day.

What could be more profitable for Gainzy than to pit these casinos against one another? According to crypto Twitter personality Gabriel Haines, “What a way to live: He’s probably making at least six figures a month streaming slots.”

Even though degens have shown a propensity for gambling, no matter how young they may be (see the fleeting success of on-chain hamster races), sponsorships with internet celebrities are a common strategy used by gambling websites to increase traffic and attention.

One of several now-deleted Tweets claimed that Gainzy was sponsored by Rollbit as of December. The influencer said that Rollbit was “objectively the best on the market” at the time because of a referral link that offered bettors a 10% refund on their sportsbook losses.

According to the influencers themselves, Rollbit Coin has experienced significant growth since Gainzy’s endorsement took place. Gainzy has repeatedly brought up the token’s $0.02 price at the time of his joining while discussing the platform on Twitter.

Gainzy took advantage of the chance to explain where his referral commission went on Twitter when Rollbit sparked interest in July.

“Now that Rollbit’s got renewed interest, it’s time to once again shamelessly shill the referral,” they stated. “The referral commission isn’t going to donations; it’s going to degenerate trades and sports bets.”

Gainzy stated on Twitter that they had bet over $10 million on Rollbit about two months into their sponsorship. The influencer then stated a month later that “everything I bet is my funds, and the funds I’ve received from Rollbit constitute a minuscule part of my overall volume.”

Although Gainzy’s partnership with Rollbit has given the platform significant visibility, a person involved in its development noted that Rollbit’s sportsbook company isn’t driving Tuesday’s growth.

When compared to the “record-breaking volumes” generated by the website’s other revenue streams, Rollbit’s sportsbook revenue is currently “lagging,” according to Lucky, a pseudonymous co-founder of the company.

Image: Unsplash

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