June 18, 2024
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Industry Leader Predicts Exponential Growth in Crypto Market

According to predictions from Yat Siu, co-founder of Animoca Brands, the global crypto market is set to undergo exponential growth. Potentially, it could surge up to 200 times its current value within a decade.

Crypto Market: Projected Growth and Milestones

Yat Siu forecasts that the crypto market, presently valued at around $2.7 trillion, could double or triple in the near term, within the next 12 to 18 months.

Looking ahead, he anticipates a staggering growth rate of 100 to 200 times over the next five to ten years. Thus, potentially reaching a valuation of $200 trillion or higher.

Web3 Adoption Driving Force

Siu attributes this projected growth to the emergence of Web3 and the increasing number of individuals becoming digital property owners.

Moreover, he envisions a future where billions of people will hold digital tokens, transforming the concept of property ownership on a scale unprecedented in the physical world.

Yat Siu talks to Valr host Farzam Ehsani. Source: Valr

Asia Leading Web3 Market

In Siu’s assessment, Asia has emerged as the fastest-growing market for Web3 technologies, surpassing jurisdictions like the United States.

He points to solid adoption levels in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Japan, attributing Asia’s leadership to regulatory certainty and robust adoption trends in the region.

Siu’s bullish outlook extends beyond the broader cryptocurrency market, aligning with his optimistic stance on Bitcoin. He previously predicted Bitcoin’s eventual rise to $1 million, emphasizing its potential for long-term growth despite current market fluctuations. As of the latest data, Bitcoin is valued at $67,769, a fraction of Siu’s ambitious forecast.

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