April 19, 2024
Chess Game Developers Halt P2E and NFT
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Immortal Game Ceases P2E and NFT Features: Addressing Cheating and Future Paths

The developers behind the blockchain chess game Immortal Game have announced the cessation of its play-to-earn (P2E) and nonfungible token (NFT) features due to widespread cheating. Despite ongoing efforts to evolve Immortal Game into an online chess hub with potential future integration of decentralized technologies, the original aim of enabling individuals to generate income through chess has proven unsuccessful, as stated in the announcement on December 13.

The developers highlighted that the unrestricted cash incentives led to significant cheating on the platform, adversely affecting the authentic player base seeking a fair and secure environment for online chess. Their decision was a response to the escalating unfair practices resulting from the cash incentives.

Effective immediately, the Immortal Game NFT marketplace will be shut down, and players will no longer utilize the native P2E Checkmake token (CMT) within the game. However, the NFTs will remain on-chain. Moreover, players will no longer receive CMT as rewards for tournament participation or daily tasks, although future fiat currency rewards may be introduced. Users’ balances of ETH and CMT will no longer be visible on the platform, yet these tokens will remain in their wallets. Users with custodial wallets will need to link a personal wallet to transfer their assets.

At the point of discontinuation, Immortal Game NFTs had accumulated a lifetime trading volume of $885,600, while the CMT token boasted a fully diluted market capitalization of $360,075. The NFTs were minted on the gaming-centric Immutable blockchain.

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