March 27, 2024
Hong Kong Probes Worldcoin's Privacy Issues
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Hong Kong Probes Worldcoin’s Privacy Issues

Hong Kong’s Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD) has initiated an investigation into Worldcoin’s local operations, expressing concerns about “serious risks to personal data privacy.” The PCPD executed warrants, entering six premises controlled by Worldcoin in Hong Kong, and requested documents and information related to the project. The commission emphasized the need for Worldcoin to adhere to the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, particularly in the collection and processing of sensitive personal data through iris-scanning orbs used for identity verification.

Worldcoin, which commenced in 2021 and officially launched in July 2023, has faced regulatory scrutiny in various countries due to privacy concerns. The PCPD expressed reservations about the collection of sensitive personal data, such as iris scans, and highlighted the importance of complying with regulatory guidelines. Worldcoin had garnered over 2 million sign-ups before its official launch and claimed that over 5 million people had created accounts using their identities by December 2023. Notably, Worldcoin had encountered issues in Kenya, leading to a suspension of services, and had paused iris scans in India.

The investigation in Hong Kong underscores the global regulatory challenges facing Worldcoin and the need for strict adherence to privacy and data protection regulations. The outcome of the PCPD investigation will likely have implications for Worldcoin’s operations in the region and may impact its approach to user data and identity verification methods.

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