May 29, 2024
Holographic Resurrection: Elvis Presley Returns to the Stage with AI Magic

Holographic Resurrection: Elvis Presley Returns to the Stage with AI Magic

In a groundbreaking move that melds artificial intelligence (AI) with entertainment, British immersive entertainment company Layered Reality has revealed plans for an awe-inspiring project, “Elvis Evolution,” that will resurrect the legendary rock and roll icon Elvis Presley for live performances. This innovative experience will immerse fans in a virtual journey through Elvis’s life, utilizing AI and holographic projections created from thousands of personal photos and home videos.

Layered Reality’s CEO, Andrew McGuinness, shared insights with Reuters, describing the crescendo of the immersive experience as a “live” AI performance by the King himself. The show is slated to premiere in London in November before embarking on a global tour, with stops in iconic cities such as Las Vegas, Berlin, and Tokyo.

This endeavour follows a recent trend in the entertainment industry where AI is harnessed to bring deceased stars back to life. In November 2023, Universal Music Group (UMG) unveiled the Beatles’ “last song,” titled “Now and Then,” using AI to reproduce John Lennon’s vocal track.

Musicians in the current industry landscape have also embraced AI technology. Grimes, a popular musician and producer, emerged as an early advocate for AI. In April 2023, she declared her intention to share 50% of royalties with creators using AI to generate music with her vocals. Soon after, Grimes launched her open-source software program,, dedicated to legally replicating her voice through AI for music creation.

However, the use of AI replication has encountered resistance. Notably, it played a pivotal role in the strike led by the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, which paralyzed Hollywood for 118 days. The eventual agreement established protocols for the creation, use, and alteration of “digital replicas” of performers.

Despite this, discontent remains in Hollywood, with concerns about AI replication potentially diminishing work opportunities and raising questions about the future usage of performers’ likenesses.

As Layered Reality pushes the boundaries of AI-driven entertainment with “Elvis Evolution,” the project is poised to be a milestone in the ongoing dialogue about the intersection of technology and the arts, prompting discussions about the ethical and artistic implications of reviving cultural icons through artificial intelligence.


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