July 21, 2024
Holešky, designed to bolster staking, infrastructure, and protocol development
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Holešky Testnet: Ethereum’s New Playground for Developers and Validators

Ethereum developers unveiled a new testnet named Holešky on September 15, with the primary purpose of supporting staking, infrastructure, and protocol development, as outlined in the developer documents. Sepolia will continue to serve as the primary network for application development.

Upon Holešky’s launch, an initial supply of 1.6 billion Holesky testnet ethers (HETH) will be distributed to validators to kickstart the network, a quantity ten times larger than what’s available on the mainnet. Ethereum developer Tim Beiko justified this significant supply, noting that devnets are regularly using 10 B of supply.

Previously, the Goerli testnet, established in 2018, was utilized for testing new staking, infrastructure, and protocol advancements. However, concerns arose in October as protocol developers argued that Goerli’s ETH supply was insufficient for comprehensive testing. Holešky, with its substantial initial ETH supply, is expected to address this issue.

Since the launch of Sepolia in 2021, Ethereum has been encouraging application developers to transition from Goerli to Sepolia, leaving only protocol developers on the older network until Holešky’s launch. Plans are in place to deprecate Goerli in January 2024, with an additional year of maintenance before a complete shutdown, as detailed in the documentation.

Given Ethereum’s ambitious roadmap, Holešky is likely to witness significant utilization. The Ethereum development team aims to implement various features such as proto-dank sharding, dank sharding, and Verkle trees, all designed to reduce fees and lower the cost of running a node. Each of these features will undergo testing on a testnet before integration into the mainnet.

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