July 21, 2024
Hiber Partners with Google's Generative AI to Revolutionize Game Development

Hiber Partners with Google’s Generative AI to Revolutionize Game Development

Artificial intelligence is being used by certain game makers to streamline their creative processes and make them quicker, easier, and more affordable. Startup Hiber revealed at Google Cloud Next in San Francisco that their Hiber3D development platform, which promises to make the process of producing in-game content easier, has been integrated with Google’s generative AI technology.

According to Hiber, the purpose of using AI is to assist creators in creating larger online worlds, often known as metaverse platforms. The company’s own virtual platform, HiberWorld, which it says already has more than five million user-created worlds utilizing its no-code-needed platform, is powered by Hiber3D technology.

Hiber CEO Michael Yngfors says creators may use plain language to tell the Hiber3D generator which types of worlds they want to build and can even develop worlds based on their mood or to fit the feel of a film by typing in suggestions via its new generative AI tool.

“With the help of generative AI, we’re taking away that last hurdle for creativity. People are inherently super creative, but you can get stuck and you don’t know what to do. But now [AI] is what we believe is going to unlock creativity for the masses, and unlock that creativity that exists in everyone.” Yngfors stated.

Hiber, situated in Gothenburg, Sweden, was established in 2017 and provides users with a range of tools for building imaginative, immersive online worlds. Fashion retailer Tommy Hilfiger debuted its Tommy Parallel metaverse experience on HiberWorld in July, allowing stylish artists to flaunt their looks in a 3D setting.

Tools that produce images, text, music, and videos using prompts are referred to as generative AI. Other businesses employing generative AI to create virtual environments include Activision Blizzard, Meta, NVIDIA, and Roblox.

Not only HiberWorld, but other metaverse platforms are looking to AI to speed up the creative process. Magic Composer is an AI-powered tool that uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT to enable users to design worlds using text-based prompts. Oncyber announced the introduction of Magic Composer in March. The social media behemoth Meta has been discussing comparable functionality in relation to its own metaverse goals.

Hiber offers a stimulating create-and-play experience tailored for general audiences by utilizing Google’s Cloud Run and PaLM big language models in partnership with Google Cloud partner and AI consulting company Datatonic.

“By collaborating with Hiber and Datatonic, we are able to unlock even more capabilities of real-time generative AI so that players can experience worlds the way they want and imagine them to be,” stated Google Cloud Director of Game Industry Solutions Jack Buser in a statement.

Hiber Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Sean Kauppinen advised developers to regard generative AI as a “stepping stone” to greater things rather than the panacea that the media hype has made it out to be.

“With every technological evolution or revolution, a lot of people will step up to the idea that [AI] is a magic bullet, and it will completely change everything,” Kauppinen stated. “But really, every evolution or revolution in technology is a stepping stone in the right direction towards the next big evolution. It’s all about people just needing to take those first steps.”

Image: Wallpapers.com

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