May 6, 2024
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Hermetica Launches Bitcoin DeFi-Backed Synthetic Dollar

In a revolutionary move for Bitcoin-native decentralized finance (DeFi), Hermetica has unveiled plans to introduce the first-ever Bitcoin-backed synthetic United States dollar, USDh, with yield-generating capabilities.

Scheduled for release in June, this innovation promises to revolutionize how Bitcoiners interact with traditional financial assets.

A Game-Changer for Bitcoin DeFi

Hermetica’s USDh aims to provide users with yields of up to 25%, offering an alternative avenue for holding and earning yield on U.S. dollars without reliance on traditional banking systems. Jakob Schillinger, the CEO of Hermetica Labs, emphasizes the significance of this development, stating:

“USDh will play a pivotal role in bringing increased liquidity and new use-cases to Bitcoin DeFi, allowing Bitcoiners to trade, lend, and transact in a dollar asset that is fully backed by Bitcoin.”

Sustainable Yield Amid Concerns

While the allure of a 25% annual percentage yield (APY) is undeniable, questions linger regarding its sustainability. Similar concerns arose with Ethena’s USDe, which launched with a 27.6% yield, prompting scrutiny over protocol longevity.

Moreover, Schillinger addresses these concerns, asserting that the yield is sustainable and rooted in futures funding rates. He cites backtest data that supports the claim of sustainability.

“This Bitcoin-native yield fluctuates with the market’s demand for long leverage. Our backtest data from January 2021 to March 2024 shows an average APY of 11.71%.”

Jakob Schillinger, CEO of Hermetica Labs

The Future of Bitcoin DeFi

Hermetica’s announcement underscores the growing momentum of BTCF, positioning Bitcoin as a formidable player in the decentralized finance landscape.

With protocols like Ordinals gaining traction and trading volumes rivaling those of Ethereum and Solana NFTs combined, Schillinger predicts exponential growth for Bitcoin DeFi. Furthermore, he envisions Bitcoin DeFi surpassing the size of Ethereum DeFi within the next five years, driven by the vast potential of over $1 trillion in latent BTC capital.

While Hermetica prepares to launch USDh, the crypto community eagerly anticipates the dawn of a new era in decentralized finance. This marks Bitcoin’s influence extending beyond its role as a store of value to encompass a dynamic ecosystem of financial innovation.

Image by freepik

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