March 27, 2024
Hacker Offers Access to Discord, Binance, Coinbase User Info
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Hacker Offers Access to Discord, Binance, Coinbase User Info

An online hacker is claiming to have gained access to a law enforcement request account, “KodexGlobal,” which enables buyers to subpoena user information from platforms like Coinbase, Binance, Chainlink, and others. The cybercriminal is offering access to this law enforcement request system account on BreachForums for $5,000 or $300 per emergency data request (EDR).

The services for which the hacker claims to be able to make EDRs include LinkedIn, Discord, Tinder, Binance, Coinbase, Chainlink, SendGrid, and various others. While the hacker is purporting to have access to the law enforcement request system, Binance clarified that these findings do not represent a breach of its system. A Binance spokesperson suspected compromised law enforcement accounts, stating:

“With a thorough documentation process in place and constant monitoring for any compromised accounts, we remain committed to safeguarding our user data against any form of unauthorized access.”

KodexGlobal is a secure communication platform used by law enforcement agencies and regulators. If abused, this system could potentially lead to identity theft, extortion, and financial loss for users, especially those holding cryptocurrency assets.

According to Hudson Rock, a cybercrime solutions provider, the hacker likely gained access to law enforcement systems by exploiting credentials obtained from Infostealer Infections. These credentials are often acquired through compromised computers owned by law enforcement officers.

Hudson Rock researchers identified over 50 different sets of credentials for Google’s law enforcement system from various Infostealer infections. In December 2023, the firm reported an attempt to sell access to Binance’s law enforcement portal through KodexGlobal, showcasing three logins that appeared to belong to compromised law enforcement officers in Taiwan, Uganda, and the Philippines.

However, Binance did not confirm any breaches in its system, user data compromise, or crypto thefts. This incident raises concerns about potential identity theft and financial losses for users, particularly those involved in the cryptocurrency space.

The hacker’s activities highlight the vulnerability of law enforcement systems to cyber threats and the need for robust security measures to protect user information. While Binance refuted claims of a leak on GitHub, emphasizing the safety of user accounts, the ongoing challenges in cybersecurity underscore the importance of constant vigilance and proactive measures to safeguard sensitive data in the evolving digital landscape.

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