April 19, 2024
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Google Integrates Ethereum Name Service into Search Results

Tech giant Google has recently integrated Ethereum Name Service (ENS) data into its search results, leveraging information available from Etherscan. The update was first noticed by Brantly Millegan, a former member of the ENS core team, who shared the news on X. Cointelegraph further confirmed this feature through testing, including addresses such as Vitalik.eth, belonging to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

Enhanced Search Results Display Vital Information

The integrated feature displays crucial details such as Ether balance and the timestamp of the latest transaction directly within the search results. This data is sourced from Etherscan, an Ethereum block explorer. ENS enables the use of simplified wallet addresses similar to domain names, facilitating easier sharing and accessibility on the internet.

Google’s Growing Involvement in Crypto and Blockchain

Google’s integration of ENS data marks another step in its increasing involvement with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In May 2023, the company introduced native support for Ethereum wallet balances, allowing users to directly view balances by searching for specific public addresses. This functionality has now expanded to include ENS domains.

Source: Google Search

Previously, in 2022, Google introduced a crypto feature enabling Ether balance tracking directly through its search engine, eliminating the need to visit external platforms like Etherscan. The announcement was first made public by Han Hua, a principal at Google Ventures. Moreover, Google has been active in promoting crypto-related content, such as featuring animated pandas to countdown to the Ethereum Merge event in 2022.

Partnerships and Policy Revisions Drive Crypto Accessibility

In addition to technological integrations, Google has also engaged in partnerships and policy revisions to enhance crypto accessibility. Notably, its revised advertising policy now includes “Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts,” allowing products like Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to appear in search results. Furthermore, ENS recently announced a partnership with domain registrar GoDaddy, enabling seamless integration of .eth names with traditional Web2 domains at no additional cost. This partnership eliminates barriers such as high gas fees, empowering users to exercise greater control over their decentralized identities.

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