July 21, 2024
Google Assistant Evolves with Bard AI Integration: Unlocking Advanced Capabilities

Google Assistant Evolves with Bard AI Integration: Unlocking Advanced Capabilities

Google Assistant is set to integrate Bard, Google’s browser-based AI chat service, into its functionality, as announced in a social media post by the development team on October 4. Google Assistant, widely used in devices like Google Home, Nest Mini, and Nest Hub, and available on Android phones and tablets, is poised to leverage Bard’s capabilities. Bard, Google’s relatively new AI chat program, competes with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and offers an array of features that surpass the capabilities of Google Assistant. It can generate cover letters for resumes, write computer code, compose essays, tackle intricate historical or mathematical questions, and perform various advanced tasks based on user queries, while Google Assistant primarily handles simple questions and tasks.

On the same day as the social media announcement, Google revealed this upgrade at its public event, “Made by Google.” According to reports from ZDNet, Bard Assistant, with user permission, will have the ability to access a user’s email, enabling it to review and report on the contents of the user’s email account. Additionally, it will be capable of planning vacations, creating documents using Google Docs, and composing SMS text messages. Google Bard Assistant can also accept images as input, allowing users to upload images and request captions for them. Although Google did not specify an exact release date, it confirmed that the feature is currently in the testing phase.

In its bid to compete with OpenAI and Microsoft, Google has been actively rolling out AI enhancements. Bard was initially launched on May 10 in select countries and later extended access to European Union member states on July 14, despite the EU’s stringent AI regulations.

Image by Wikimedia Commons

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