July 16, 2024
Gods Unchained Introduces 'Sealed Mode' to Level the Playing Field in Web3 Tournaments
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Gods Unchained Introduces ‘Sealed Mode’ to Level the Playing Field in Web3 Tournaments

Players in the Web3 game Gods Unchained can now compete using semi-random cards they are given at the beginning of a tournament. The game type, known as “Sealed Mode,” is designed to reward competent players even if they don’t have a sizable or pricey card collection. On September 13, a blog post announcing the new layout was published.

As opposed to digital trading card games, “sealed deck” tournaments are more popular in paper-collectable trading card games like Magic: The Gathering.

In accordance with the post, gamers must pay 15 Gods Unchained (GODS) tokens, or about $2.65 at the time of writing, to enter sealed mode. They are given a choice at random of three gods to base their deck around after paying the cost. They also get 60 random cards from a variety of Gods Unchained card sets, such as Etherbots, Mortal Judgement, Winter Wanderlands, and others.

While the pool of cards is semi-random, it additionally contains a predetermined minimum amount of cards in particular categories to permit the construction of a playable deck. Each pool, for instance, contains a minimum of 12 cards with a mana cost of three or less.

The post specified that each player must create a minimum 30-card deck from their pool of 60 cards. The cards that are provided must be used only by the players; they are not permitted to utilize cards from their collections.

Players then construct a deck and play until they win seven games, lose three, or draw three. At the end of the competition, players with better records are rewarded more generously than those with worse records. Certain cosmetic awards are only accessible in sealed mode and are only available to players who have won four or more games.

Gods Unchained’s “sealed mode” is intended to be akin to “sealed deck” or “draft” competitions for competitive card games like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, and Magic: The Gathering. To gather cards for these games, players frequently use sealed formats. However, sealed tournaments were essentially unheard of in the world of digital card games because most of them did not permit players to “own” their cards in any significant way. Each card in Gods Unchained is portrayed by a nonfungible coin that is kept on the layer-2 Immutable X network of Ethereum.

One of Immutable’s early Web3 video games was Gods Unchained. Immutable said in May that it was creating a wallet program called “Passport” that would eliminate the necessity for players to write down seed words to log in. Immutable said that the launch of its zkEVM testnet on August 15 would help Ethereum scale for gamers.

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