July 11, 2024
Joint Declaration to Tackle AI-Generated Abuse

Global Coalition Unites Against AI-Generated Abusive Content

A coalition consisting of significant social media platforms, AI developers, governmental bodies, and NGOs has collectively released a joint declaration vowing to address the issue of abusive content produced by AI.

The policy statement, unveiled on October 30 by the United Kingdom, has garnered 27 signatures. Notable among these are the governments of the United States, Australia, Korea, Germany, and Italy. Major social media platforms such as Snapchat, TikTok, and OnlyFans have also pledged their commitment.

The endorsement further includes AI entities like Stability AI and Ontocord.AI and several NGOs dedicated to online safety and children’s rights. According to the statement, while AI presents vast opportunities for combating online child sexual exploitation, it can also be manipulated by individuals with malicious intent to create such harmful content.

The statement highlighted statistics from the Internet Watch Foundation, revealing that out of 11,108 AI-generated images shared on a dark web platform, 2,978 were linked to child sexual abuse. The U.K. government emphasized that the statement represents a commitment to understand and, when necessary, act upon the risks posed by AI in combating child sexual abuse through existing channels.

The declaration stresses the collective responsibility of all stakeholders to ensure the safety of children in the face of the risks posed by cutting-edge AI. It calls for transparency in outlining strategies for detecting, overseeing, and addressing the ways AI might be exploited by those involved in child sexual offenses. Furthermore, it encourages the development of national policies on this issue.

Moreover, the statement aims to sustain an ongoing conversation about countering child sexual abuse in the era of AI. This release precedes the U.K.’s hosting of a global summit on AI safety. Concerns about child safety concerning AI have become a prominent subject, given the swift rise and extensive usage of this technology. Notably, on October 26, 34 U.S. states filed a lawsuit against Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, citing concerns over child safety.

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