June 14, 2024
Get Ready to Dash: Nifty Island's NFT Speedrun Challenge Unleashed

Get Ready to Dash: Nifty Island’s NFT Speedrun Challenge Unleashed

Nifty Island, the beloved free-to-play social gaming platform, has kicked off the eagerly awaited second phase of its Break the Targets Speedrun Challenge.

Following the success of the initial phase, which saw creators craft competitive and innovative courses, players are now gearing up to showcase their skills in a battle against the clock.

Source: Nifty Island

Phase One Recap: Unveiling Competitive Courses

In the inaugural phase, creators were tasked with designing courses for the Break the Targets play mode. The goal? To construct the most engaging and competitive environments imaginable.

After careful consideration by Nifty Island’s Community team, the top three courses were selected to host the subsequent speedrun contest.

About Nifty Island: A Haven for Collaborative Gaming

Nifty Island stands as a collaborative gaming utopia where users can construct islands hosting an array of games, from races to deathmatches and Capture the Flag.

Each player is granted a free plot to unleash their creativity, manipulating the environment, buildings, and foliage to their heart’s content.

Furthermore, the platform embraces user-generated content, allowing for the crafting, trading, and placement of weapons, avatars, and objects. Creators are duly rewarded for attracting players to their islands.

Moreover, Nifty Island has solidified partnerships with over 140 NFT collections, granting users the opportunity to play as their favourite NFT avatars and access exclusive in-game content.

Phase Two: The Battle Against Time

In this second phase of the Break the Targets Speedrun Challenge, players are vying to achieve the fastest times on the three winning courses.

The competition commenced on April 1st, and participants have until April 4th to showcase their prowess and secure a place on the leaderboard.

What’s at stake? Tokenized in-game items await the victors, ranging from the prestigious Bronze Palm and Iron Palm to coveted Ultra Blades and Legendary Pistols.

With rewards on the line, competitors are leaving no stone unturned in their quest for glory.

How to Participate

Players can dive into the action by attempting to set their fastest times on the designated courses. To be eligible for rewards, participants must share their runs on X before the deadline on April 4th.

As the Break the Targets Speedrun Challenge enters its second phase, excitement is palpable across the Nifty Island community.

With players primed to unleash their speedrunning skills and claim top honours, the stage is set for an exhilarating showdown. Stay tuned as the clock ticks down, and champions emerge victorious in this thrilling gaming spectacle.

Image: Wallpapers.com

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