July 24, 2024
German Government Bitcoin Wallet
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German Government’s Bitcoin Movements Spark Speculation

German Government’s Arkham

A crypto wallet labeled “German Government (BKA)” by onchain analytics firm Arkham began moving Bitcoin on June 19, generating considerable interest within the cryptocurrency community. This activity has led many to speculate that the German government might be selling its Bitcoin holdings.

Seized BTC from the Pirated Movie Platform

According to Arkham’s data, this Arkham-tagged wallet has held approximately 50,000 Bitcoin since February 2024. On June 19, the wallet moved nearly 6,500 BTC. These funds are believed to have been seized from Movie2k, a pirated movie website operator. The German government-linked wallet conducted four transactions on June 19. This included an outflow of 6,500 BTC, valued at over $425 million, to the wallet address “bc1q0unygz3ddt8x0v33s6ztxkrnw0s0tl7zk4yxwd,” and another transfer of 2,500 BTC worth $154 million to its own address.

Movement of Funds Raises Questions

The wallet address that received 6,500 BTC subsequently moved 2,500 BTC to another wallet address, “bc1qq0l4jgg9rcm3puhhfwaz4c9t8hdee8hfz6738z.” This address then transferred the newly received funds in four transactions of 500 BTC each. Two of these transactions were directed to crypto exchanges Kraken and Bitstamp, while the other two were moved to unlabeled private addresses. The German government-tagged wallet now holds 43,359 BTC, valued at $2.83 billion. Although not all transferred funds were liquidated, many in the crypto community are concerned about the potential market impact of the German government selling such a substantial amount of Bitcoin. One crypto trader suggested that the recent rise in short positions and the dip in the Bitcoin market might be linked to the German government’s actions.

Global Governments and Seized BTC

Governments around the globe frequently confiscate Bitcoin and other digital assets from criminal activities and periodically hold auctions to sell these seized holdings. For instance, the United States government has sold a significant portion of the Bitcoin seized from the infamous dark web marketplace, the Silk Road. In 2014, Tim Draper, an American businessman and Bitcoin advocate, purchased Silk Road Bitcoin in an auction organized by the U.S. Marshals.


The movement of Bitcoin by the German government’s Arkham-tagged wallet has sparked significant discussion within the crypto community. As governments continue to manage and sell confiscated digital assets, the implications for the broader cryptocurrency market remain substantial. With the German government still holding a considerable amount of Bitcoin, future transactions from this wallet will likely be closely monitored.

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